The world always looks brighter from behind a white smile


Q:How do I apply the whitening gel? 
A: Take the top off the whitening gel pen and twist the bottom. once you see a little drop of gel at the top use it to paint on the gel to each tooth. in total just couple of drops for the top and bottom. Apply the whitening gel to each tooth to have a thin layer of gel. Not too much !

Q: Does the whitening gel work on Red wine and Coffee stains?
A: Absolutely! the Whitening gel is the same gel you get at the dentist office and it will remove those tough stains.

Q: Does Meticulous Smile cause sensitivity ?
A: No, Using the newest in LED technology we can confidently say Meticulous Smile does not cause sensitivity.

Q: I'm under 18, can I still use Meticulous Smile? 
A: Meticulous Smile Whitening Kit is intended for use of individuals 18 or older. 

Q: Can this product whiten veneers, crowns, bonded veneers?
A: Unfortunately the products solution does NOT have the ability to whiten. However,  you can still use our whitening gel on natural tooth structure.

Q:How many uses can I get out of the 3 whitening pens?
A:The pens should last you 20 uses. This is the equivalent of 2 whitening in-office sessions.

Q: How many pens does the Whitening Kit contain?
A: The refill Kit contains 3 pens. The equivalent of 20 x 15 minute sessions.

Q:Is Meticulous Smile tested on animal?
A: Absolutely not! we are animal lovers and ensure our solution is not tested on animals.